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   Today, technology and comfort, as in every field we have used canary manufacturers led to the change of equipment.
     First, one of the biggest problems we have with çiftehane or production Salma cage so that the phrase is unhealthy and useless to have to accept. Of course all of us in a cage that are available. But our production season, which begins or ends in the general cleanliness of the complete care how much you can do in qualifying. In general, the equipment of wood, but the drawer to clean the finish, and often are disinfectants.
     That's where new technology and equipment is entering the circuit. New that you have joined in the service of demountable PVC SALMA's bird producers.
      When we dealt with at the beginning or end of season you want to be alone again after cleaning are known to gather. As a result, does not contain the parasites and germs. This is necessarily the manufacturers. One advantage of the value of our material is not lost. And store it in a small area can use folded. Anywhere can easily remove.
          Everything is now standard for a standard to measure we have today. Small and large birds will be the most comfortable we selected measures.
Width: 110
Depth: 40
Height: 42
    Be divided out. Search pane and displays the current perch and sliding slot of wire is included. Wires kilns and black color is painted.
     Our production standards and want more to guarantee your chance to get in on the same extent.


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